Bright With Us is a community organization established with a vision to promote digital skills. We are striving hard to bring International business into the country by trading Digital Skills. Not only do we teach Digital Skills, but we also guide ways to sell the skills and make money out of them.

We have been organizing multiple webinars and seminars to create awareness about the importance of Digital skills among the masses. We are doing this by collaborating with different universities with the same goal.


Journey Behind Bright With Us


The journey started with a boy, Habib Ur Rahman, belonging to a small village in Pakistan. He wanted to get admission to MBBS. For this, he worked hard, got good grades in intermediate and MDCAT but did not get access due to the high merit of Medical.

He was then admitted to Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) at Gomal University, City Campus at Dera Ismail Khan, but soon he realized that he had no interest in the subject; he could not get himself into the subject. So he decided to leave and went on for the BS in Chemistry.

He missed his university admissions submission date due to the unavailability of any source of information. He had to wait for one year for this. The reason was the slow communication technology in his area; it cost him a year of his studies and career. Then he got admission to BS Chemistry at the University of Education, Faisalabad campus.


Due  to Belonging to a village and a middle-class family, he faced many issues like:

To be self-reliant and independent, he worked hard and started freelancing. At the start of 2021, he thinks of supporting and doing something for the youth of Pakistan. With his six other friends, he decided to start a platform that would create career awareness and job opportunities for the youth of Pakistan. In addition, it aimed to guide the nation’s youth in their academic, professional, and social aspects of life.

Covid-19 and lockdowns made him empathize with the people who lost their jobs. So they started to promote the importance of digital and scientific skills. So, under the leadership of Habib Ur Rahman, Malik Mubeen, Umme-Aiman, Faiza Shoukat, Sundus Fatima, and Arooj Saghir, started the platform of Bright With Us.

1 June 2021, they announced and started operations of their platform. Later on, Mutee-ur-Rehman, Muhammad Arif, Sohail Yaseen, Azeem Amanat, and Fouzia Saad joined the journey. Their mission is to make the youth of Pakistan self-reliant and productive in terms of earnings and decision-making.

They aim at exploring the talented youth of the nation. Bright With Us is pledged to help you in any manner, be it Educational, Professional, or Social.

Our Mission


Bright with Us aims to be the flag bearer for the youth of Pakistan. We strive for digital skill development in our young men and women. We want to make skills for the digital age easy and accessible.

We are determined to make our students realize their potential and interests in the relevant fields. Therefore, our mission is to provide much-needed career counseling to college students who are stepping towards university admission. In addition, give solutions to merit-based and financial obstacles they may face.

The fresh graduates and students require as much guidance towards the right path for a flourishing career—our platform assists with their assignment making and presentation skills

Our Visions


We dream of a Pakistan with capable and learned youth. A Pakistan where young people are driven and engrossed in healthy, productive activities. We are making our small contribution towards a developed Pakistan.

By securing minor victories for Pakistani youth in the social, cultural, and economic spheres of society. We prefer to remind our youngsters of their hidden abilities and potential to unleash and paint so brilliantly that they make the country shine brighter.

Creating a leadership team that will refine and open numerous doors of opportunity for youth. A future in which all youth regardless of gender, identity or colour will have the same prospects, chances, and ambitions.

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Meet our Team



Habib ur Rehman
CEO / Founder
Faiza Shaukat
CHRO / Co Founder
Muttie Ur Rahman
Chief Marketing Officer
Muhammad Mubeen
IT Team Head/Co Founder
Muhammad Arif
Social Media Team Head
Fouzia Saad
Content Team Head
Muhammad Husnain
Graphics Team Head
Muhammad Ghazi Khan
Finance Secretary
Muhammad Haseeb
Chief Project Manager
Ramna Tariq
Chief Data Manager
Aysha Tariq
Admin Secretary
Azeem Amanat
Visiting Team Head

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